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Olives & Greek meze

Enjoy your Greek Moments!

Our Greek table is full of love, joy, and meze. We share with you our wonderful flavors.

Get inspired and create your own dishes or snacks!

High Quality meets Delicious!
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Escape to Greece!

Get the real taste

Taste the Kalamon olives, the black Dried olives, the Green olives of Halkidiki marinated with Greek herbs or stuffed and travel your senses to the Mediterranean.

Enjoy them at your picnic, at family tables, at the office aperitif and escape to Greece.

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Olive Spreads

The Greek Delicacies – Kalamata Olive Spreads

The unique and delicious Kalamata olive spreads are unique family recipes that we find in the villages of Messenia at family tables with the pure flavors and aromas that travel us to the Mediterranean and Greece in a way that we only know how to offer. Enjoy them!

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