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Constantin Potou group of companies produces, selects, standardizes with its own specifications, controlling the entire development, collection, transportation and product standardization process. All these are performed with the ultimate ethics, respect towards the product, nature and the environment as well as with social sensitivity to the human factor.

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Potou Premium Olive Oils

means Great Taste, World Awards & Health Claim Certification (EU 432/2012)

The entire world glorifies the authentic PDO Greek extra virgin olive oil of the variety Koroneiki from Kalamata. This happens not only for its exquisite taste, but also for its numerous beneficial properties, as shown by many pieces of research.

Our Koroneiki variety has been proven from a university study (Athens University, Pharmacology Dpt.) that is rich in polyphenols, specifically in elaiokanthali and elaiasini, which have strong anti-inflammatory activity comparable to that found in classical anti-inflammatory drugs in very frequent use.

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