Premium Olive Oils

Potou Premium Olive Oil
means Great Taste, World Awards & Health Claim Certification(EU 432/2012)

The entire world glorifies the authentic AOP Greek extra virgin olive oil of the variety Koroneiki from Kalamata. This happens not only for its exquisite taste, but also for its numerous beneficial properties, as shown by many pieces of research.

Our Koroneiki variety has been proven from a university study (Athens University, Pharmacology Dpt.) that is rich in polyphenols, specifically in elaiokanthali and elaiasini, which have strong anti-inflammatory activity comparable to that found in classical anti-inflammatory drugs in very frequent use.

Extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants (vitamin E and polyphenols) known for the anti-aging effect and the positive role in preventing cardiovascular disease. Rich in monounsaturated fat acids, olive oil contributes to reducing the rate of ”bad” cholesterol that can clog blood vessels. For all the health benefits it offers, olive oil is the best cooking oil in the world.

An olive “sea” awaits to be travelled again today!

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High Phenolic Olive Oils

Potou Health Claim Certified Olive Oils (432/2012 EU)

means special procedures….

Collecting the olives by hand directly from the trees because they do not get injured, leading to superior quality olive oil production.

The olive collection ideally should last until the 25th of October, while the oil extraction should take place on the same day right after the collection process.

The olives should be collected and transferred to the oil mill in crates, not in sacks to avoid any injuries and alterations of the olive fruit. The crates should allow the air to circulate between the olives and stored for the minimum possible period indoors at protected and cool spaces.

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Flavored Olive Oils

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The special aromatic oils from Constantin Potou are a must-try.

We infused our extra virgin olive oil with pure essential oils of Greek nature. The exceptional result travels us back to the age of purity and innocence, to the scents of our childhood.. Our infused olive oils are an excellent source of high nutritional value protecting human health building up our body’s natural defenses.

Fresh Garlic or Fresh Lemon

We attempted to grind fresh Greek garlics and fresh Greek entire lemons along with our Koroneiki variety olives. The outcome was a celebration for the palate with olive and fresh fruit aromas in a unique balance and long aftertaste, travelling the Greek delicacies worldwide On Board.

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