Athletes Superb

Polyphenols (mg/kg):743

& Health Claim Certification (432/2012 EU)

The Athletes Superb this year, between 1088 samples from Greece and 190 from seven countries that participated in the competition won the Silver Award and belongs to the list of High-Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

This Superb Olive Oil participates in a scientific research and is awarded with Silver Award at Olympia Health and Nutrition 2020 World Competition.
Athletes Superb participates in interdisciplinary research for the current project: “Study on the strength of athletes”.

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Aristoleo Double Gold Award 2020
For High Phenolic Olives

Our ‘’Kalamata Olives Organic’’ in brine participated at Aristoleo Awards 2020 Competition in Cyprus and awarded with the Double Gold Extreme Health Award for the top quality. We introduce to the international health-conscious market our branded product, the top quality Potou Kalamata Olives Organic.

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Melan Premium belongs to the list of Elite Olive Oils

This year, Constantin Potou with the ‘’Melan Premium’’ won the Gold Quality Medal and belongs to the list of Elite Olive Oils.

The Gold Award at the Berlin World Olive Oil Competition is the European Olive Oil Award, synonymous with the excellence and quality recognition.

The professional jury of the competition awarded our olive oil: 2 Awards, Quality Award & High Polyphenols Award.

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Gold Quality Award at London Quality Table Olives Competition.

Our Natural Kalamata Olives in brine participated at London Quality Table Olives Competition and awarded with Gold for the top quality. Our branded product proved that the high quality Potou Kalamata olives are the best olives in the world also the proper healthy food for consumption far all the ages.

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The Super Food Box

Athletes Superb, High Phenolic, 500ml Olive cream Kalamata 100gr Orange olive oil 250gr Kalamata olives in natural brine 180gr Green olives stuffed with Greek fruits or vegetables 250gr Green olives marinated with Greek herbs 220gr

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The Small Picnic Basket

Monsieur Constantin, Organic Red Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot Melan Premium, High Phenolic 100ml Kalamata Olives in vacuum bag 250gr Traditional Kalamata olive spread, family recipe, 100gr

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The Gourmet Greek Box

Melan Premium, High Phenolic 250ml Olive cream Kalamata 100gr Truffle olive oil 250gr Kalamata olives in natural brine 180gr

Corporate gifts

The Organic Greek Basket

Monsieur Constantin, Organic Red Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot Dinamico, Organic High Phenolic 500ml Organic Kalamata Olives in natural brine 170gr Mezes, Organic Kalamata olive spread with sweet red Florina pepper 100gr Mezes, Organic Kalamata olive tapenade with anchovy 100gr